Being an innovative practice, Raj Medical Centre prides itself on patient participation.

It is a forum for patients to discuss and share ideas that will benefit themselves, the staff and the community. However, it is currently in its developmental stages and we are keen to progress with the forum to become a fully functional Patient Participation Group.

We aim to have the group make suggestions for improvements in the services we provide. We also want it to comment and help make improvements to the way the Practice operates. To ensure we are offering the best possible customer care it is vital you get involved.

A patient led forum can influence and help to develop the Practice information and communications, ensuring our patients are kept up to date with any Practice News. They can also help to make sure health education information is easily accessible and relevant.

You can be the patient that changes your practice for the better. Do not be afraid to take part in this and no suggestion is too small. All we ask is that you do not come with personal queries, these should be directed to members of staff who will be happy to help. We are looking for ideas that can help shape the bigger picture.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group please contact Kim Hall, Practice Manager on 01472 752300.

Patient Participation Group Report

1. Group membership

The PPG consists of 6 members between the ages of 25 and 75. The members represent a wide cross-section of the patient population with weight being given to the area with the most deprivation. The group is chaired by a member of the patient population who is also a member of NLAG staff. Two members of staff represent both the clinical and administrative functions of the Practice. The Practice Manager and GP Principal are also in attendance.

2. Group Purpose and Values

The PPG is committed to the provision of advice and good counsel to the practice management in order to optimise the use of resources and enhance the outcomes to the patient. Members if the group are regarded as ‘experts by experience’ and their voice is fundamental to the future planning of the Practice. The group expects to hold the practice management to account for its actions when negative patient experiences arise. The PPG works systematically with the Practice in order to identify priorities for the patients, and contribute to proposals for any improvements. The PPG is not, however, a channel for complaints. The PPG recognises there is a system in place for dealing with any complaints.

3. Non-represented groups

The PPG and Practice recognise the group is not wholly representative of the patient population. It aims to communicate effectively with other people through message boards in the waiting area, newsletters and the Practice website. The latter has as section dedicated to the PPG.

4. Decision making

The group is wholly democratic; it reaches decisions by consensus. It is the role of the Chair, Practice Manager and GP principal to act as arbitrator in cases of procrastination or indecision.

5. Patient Survey

The Patient Survey for 2014 assessed the Practice at 8.9 out of 10 for people being able to access care. This is a marked improvement on last years results following the introduction of a new GP/Nurse Practitioner triage system. The Practice now has 2 full time Nurse Practitioners, 1 being a prescriber. 

The survey provided a score of 9 out of 10 for the length of time waiting to be seen by a clinician. Again, this is a marked improvement on last years results. 

The Practice achieved a score of 9 out of 10 for its opening hours. 

PPG continue to promote the Practice’s evening session on a Thursday.

The Practice achieved a score of 9.6 our of 10 for the quality of its GP Consultations. The PPG recognises the good quality of consultation provided at the Practice. It has continued to support the clinicians through a programme of education which aims to manage patient expectations as well as promote an understanding of which clinicians is the most appropriate to see.