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History of the practice

I, Dr Rajendra Prasad Pathak, and my wife Bharti Pathak had a dream to set up our own practice where the true philosophy of a family practice could bloom in British medicine.

We started with 0 patients on our list in 1988 on the Nunsthorpe Estate of Grimsby. There I could see the extended family values, much the same as my background in India.

This ideology nurtured the practice and it grew rapidly on firm ground. This is reflected in the list size now approximately 5000. The love and respect we have for the patients is returned by the patients love and respect for us.

On this mutual ground in my practice life of 20 years, I retired in 2007 when I handed over the family practice to my Son - Dr Rakesh Pathak and my daughter-in-law - Dr Marcia Pathak.

During my 20 years at the practice, there were only 3 complaints, all of which were withdrawn with clarification of a misunderstanding.

The last words I will say is that I can see the ingredients in my grandson - Ravi, for him to run this family practice in the future to come.