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Times are changing in health care, so it important that we change the way we work to meet the needs of our patients.

What is R-Hub?

R-Hub is our model of care where our clinical, admin and care navigation staff come together to deliver services to you. This means that when you call the surgery for an appointment (please call between 8am and 10am), your request will be assessed and dealt with on the same day by R-Hub. This could result in:

  • A same day appointment
  • Telephone advice
  • A prescription left out to collect or sent to the Pharmacy

R-Hub, in common with the modern way of delivering health care, means that your health issue will be dealt with by the most appropriate health care professional. R-Hub will allow immediate availability of a GP to be called into a consulting room to advise on complex problems. In this model, GPs with a modern training are used in the role for which they have been trained: high-level clinical decision making and management of particularly complex patients. Our aim is to avoid patients who need this input waiting days or weeks to receive it.

Patient experience

Patient experience will be at the centre of R-Hub. We know that continuity of care is important to patients and this would be achieved by a long-serving team of GPs, Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs), Practice Nurses (PNs) and Health Care Assistants (HCAs).

We feel that by altering the way in which we work, we can improve access significantly. Safety will not be compromised as an experienced medical opinion would be instantly available, preventing the need for patients to book further appointments on another day.